Distributing SSH keys with Ansible is easy with the module authorized_key - Adds or removes an SSH authorized key and - as always with Ansible - you can feed this module with data in different ways.

The simple Ansible Playbook shows how this can be done - using the example of a function account in which several SSH keys are stored behind

By the way, I am not claiming that functional accounts with multiple SSH keys are "best practise", but sometimes you just have to solve this issue.


My consideration for the Playbook shown here is based on the following requirements:

  1. I want to be able to specify which SSH keys are distributed per target host.
  2. I want only the keys to land on the target host, not information about who the key is assigned to.
  3. I want to be able to see on the Ansible host which person or role the SSH key is assigned to.
  4. The Playbook should also remove SSH keys that I remove on the target host,
    So I want to make sure that only the SSH keys that I specify on the Ansible host are used on the system.

How do we do that?

I have chosen the following ways to achieve my goals:

  1. I put the keys (among other things for clarity) into a folder.
    In this folder I let Ansible search for them as follows:
    1. Search for a file <NamedofTargetHosts>.yaml and use it
    2. If you can't find them, use a default file
  2. The data is stored in a file in which the following informaion is stored in fields:
    1. Name or role assigned to the SSH key.
    2. SSH key

      Only the SSH-Key is read out by the Playbook and therefore only the SSH-Key lands on the target system, but the field with name/role gives me more information.
  3. An option of the module authorized_key - Adds or removes an SSH authorized key named "exclusive" is used to ensure this.

The Playbook

You can find the latest version here on Github.


- hosts: testfileservers
  remote_user: devopuser

  - name: Read variables
    include_vars: '{{ item }}'
      - files:
          - "{{ inventory_hostname }}.yml"
          - "default.yml"
        paths: "./vars/"

  - name: Deploy SSH-Keys to remote host
      user: functionaccount
      key: "{{ keystodeploy|map(attribute='sshkey')|join('\n') }}"
      exclusive: true

The Data

The SSH keys are stored in this way:


  - name: Petra Meier
    sshkey: ssh-rsa AAAABCe233e423...
  - name: Horst Lehmann
    sshkey: ssh-rsa AAAABDdsds...

Clone yourself the repository on here on Github and try it out for yourself.

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