I advise against buying an EPIX or FENIX 7, because the clock is too broken both regarding hardware and software. Garmin doesn't fix the problems and there's a big chance you'll have to return the watch because the buttons don't work properly, music playback crashes, GPS stops, altitude charts aren't available, the display is broken.

Garmin has finally introduced a "Fenix with AMOLED display" with the 2nd generation EPIX. I am thrilled with the display and speed of the watch.

I do not like the display of the map in the mountains. Therefore, I have tried the maps provided by me - adapted to the Fenix - based on leisure map OSM on the EPIX.

I will still have to work on the display in the city, the EPIX displays more details than the Fenix, which is why gates and roadblocks are displayed more clearly than average in the current configuration. There will probably be an extra version adapted to the EPIX.

Garmin Topoactive vs Freizeitkarte-OSM
Garmin Topoactive vs Freizeitkarte-OSM

To download the maps and for a description of how to get and use them on your watch, go here: How to install high-contrast OpenStreetMap maps on your Garmin Fenix 6 Pro.

In February 2022, there will be an Epix-specific version for the MUCALP map and some other maps. If your map is not included, you can use my type file from Github to customize a map of your choice, the process is described in the article just linked.